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"When we ask Executives how much more productive they were at their peak performance (flow state), than they were on average…the most common answer at Senior Levels is an increase of 5 times" – McKinsey Quarterly


Genie is a cloud-based person-job mapping system, based on an understanding of Work complexity at different levels of work, as well as differences in individual capacity to be "in-flow" with the required complexity.

The system depicts reporting relationships in an organogram, enabling diagnosis of possible structural issues, and the depiction of overall talent, as well as a snapshot of the extent to which members of a team are currently being adequately utilised. In addition, a projection of future utilisation over time is provided.
Organisational Design Application 


In the example above, work compression is evident, the reporting roles are too close to each other and may lead to role confusion.
Talent Application

Genie provides a snapshot of how many individuals are in flow with their work, enabling an understanding of underutilisation/over-extension and the development of interventions to address this. 

In the graphic above only one individual is in flow with their work, one is outgrowing their work, one is slightly stretched and two individuals are highly underutilised. This has major implications for focus, productivity and outputs.

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